Anyone knows if this step to install Anbox are suitable in 2023?

I’ve watched this steps on this forum to install Anbox but those steps are from march 2021…
the last Manjaro stable version has 6.1 kernel and I’m new installing and using Manjaro

Thanks in advance

PD: this steps were written by the user I-love-Arch

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From Arch wiki:

As of February 2023, Anbox is no longer actively developed.The developer recommended Waydroid as an alternative.

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I’ve watched those links but Waydroid better work with Intels GPU’s mine is Nvidia that doesn’t work with it…

Do you know or anyone know how to install for a newbie like me Android Studio? I don’t understand well all of this steps: Android - ArchWiki

That’s completely unrelated. Please create a new topic in Third-party Applications.