How to get OneDrive into Dolphin in Manjaro KDE?

I’ve only had Manjaro for a month. I used to have a OneDrive client in File Explorer in Windows and I’d like to have one in Dolhin too. I already installed the pamac build onedrive-abraunegg but don’t know what to do next. I would highly appreciate some help :slight_smile:


AFAIK, onedrive-abraunegg doesn’t have a graphical interface - that’s why it isn’t showing up when you try to find it like a regular app
You can make it work using OneDriveGUI.
Just build and install it using pamac build onedrivegui-git, then it should work just fine :slight_smile:

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There is no official Microsoft onedrive client for Linux.

Onedrive is one of Microsofts attempts to - in conjunction with Defender - to safeguard a user’s files from ransomware attacks.

While Linux is a great deal safer in many aspects it is not invulnerable and since a syncronication mechanism on a non-windows system has the potential to greatly reduce this safeguard - my immediate thought is - that while convenient - it also not recommendable.

Hi @trinity ,
Welcome to the forum, did you try do install insync-dolphin? This package let you connect OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
The package is in the AUR repositories.
Insync - ArchWiki

Hope this help, regards

Disclaimer: I am the developer of the client you have installed


The first item you need to do is to configure the client to access your data on OneDrive - please read onedrive/ at master · abraunegg/onedrive · GitHub to help you along on that process. Once configured, your data will download, and you will be able to see your files in your graphical interface.

In Windows, you have a little tray icon … in Linux, not so much as this is a CLI based tool that, when configured correctly, will just do it’s job. If you really want a tray icon or configuration GUI, then please look at these 2 external enhancements:

Now … if you want to use the ‘on-demand’ feature of OneDrive … this client is not the client you need to be using … you need to use GitHub - jstaf/onedriver: A native Linux filesystem for Microsoft OneDrive - as this is the only application that supports this at present, but this does not support SharePoint or any Shared Folders at the moment. If you are going to use ‘on-demand’ functionality - you need to uninstall your existing client & associated components, configuration and data before proceeding down the ‘onedriver’ path.