How to fix the pamac interface?


I installed Manjaro, but the pamac buttons at the top right is terrible. How do I fix it?
Linux 5.14.10-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT x86_64 GNU/Linux
Pamac 10.2.0-1

By default there should be no issue, but once you fiddle with some GTK+ themes, then it gets funky. See here the fix

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Some of the other windows are too have differently style from the selected theme.
For example, Firefox with the turned off headers. Or Remmina.

The fix doesn’t work: (Or am I missing something?) after deleting the files in .config/gtk-3.0/ and logout\reboot, they are restored back.

I don’t care if the buttons are different from the main system. I don’t like that they don’t display correctly, any suggestions on how to fix this?image

I just pointed you to it in my first comment, did you follow those instructions?

All fixed. You’re awesome. At first I thought that this manual would not work, because I did not set up anything. I deleted all the files from ~/.config/gtk-3.0/ and everything cool.

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