How to filter high pitched sounds?

How to add a low-pass filter to a system-wide PulseAudio profile on an Arch based system?

How can I apply a low-pass filter to MPV from the configuration file?

Are there any other useful configurations I could set like Loudness Equalizer or some other? To protect the ears from damaging sounds.

Assuming you use pulseaudio and the suggestions there are good, then the same.
But it seems to be from 2017.


Are there any others you want? Or that are provided?
Or ? …

In general “do this standard thing and it makes things better in every case” are rarely accurate. Especially for something so dynamic and subjective as audio.

Easyeffects and such has arch wiki info:

(but easyeffects is pipewire … as is that link you shared)

Theres at least one other “this makes sound better” thread on here:

This might be a good place to start.

How to filter all high pitched sounds on Linux : linux
For MPV, you can apply a low-pass filter directly when playing a media file. The command would look like this:

mpv --af=lowpass=f=3200 yourfile.mp4

In this command, f=3200 sets the cut-off frequency to 3200 Hz. All frequencies above this will be filtered out.

But later comments about using a LADSPA plugin are less helpful

The exact steps can vary depending on your system configuration and the specific LADSPA plugin you choose to use.

PulseAudio documentation for module-ladspa-sink has a working example of how to implement a 10 band equalizer. But suggests using jack_rack in JACK to work out the settings for other LADSPA plugins

An equalizer could be used instead of a low pass filter by zeroing settings for lower frequencies and reducing high frequency bands only. pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa has a GUI for setting up the same LADSPA multiband equalizer. the GUI can be used to set up the equalizer by ear and then configuration can be found in PulseAudio configuration ( grep ladspa ~/.config/pulse/ )
that can be converted into terminal commands to load the module without installing GUI
For a lowpass filter that starts to rolloff frequencies at 10kHz and cuts everything above 20kHz:

pactl load-module module-ladspa-sink sink_name=ladspa_output.mbeq_1197.mbeq plugin=mbeq_1197 label=mbeq control=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,-3.0,-30.0

But other media players (VLC and smplayer) and jamesdsp-pulse for systemwide effects includes an equalizer with a GUI that would be easier for most users to manage

For MPV specifically, you can add a lowpass filter in mpv.conf like:


Why am I getting a thumbs down for posting the official mpv manual?

I usually assign a :turkey: badge to these people, and move on.

The initial post is completely without context, so I would assume your crystal ball is a little cloudy.

I have good quality audio - and so rather than abusing the path from file to ears, 'd be thinking along the lines of inputting audio or video and outputting the same file with modified frequency response rather than modifying the processing of all audio…

So tweaking MPV, or using an equaliser to do that job is a great solution - modifying Pipewire or Pulseaudio to affect the entire system would be a brutal stroke, useful only if your audio equipment is inadequate…

OP doesn’t state where the filters need to be applied, or why… and has chosen a solution which is actually a long post specifying both methods. I guess we’ll never know… but I’ll throw you an upvote anyway for having such a coool name :sunglasses:

The assumption that I can’t find the docs on my own feels insulting. And people searching for this question in the future and finding someone saying RTFM will be discouraged from opening links to this forum again if that’s the kind of answers they’ll find. Just imagine how many fewer people would use and contribute to forums like Stack Exchange if all answers were like that.

I mean … you asked how to apply configurations.
Linking to the documentation where it outlines how to use the config file seems pretty reasonable.

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Post #4 is responding to questions in post #1 about PulseAudio and mpv
OP posted information about system and PulseAudio in other recent posts so further context is not needed

I do not consider modifying Pulseaudio is ‘brutal’ when any DSP can be bypassed in GUI controls
Other users do not need to know which solution OP preferred to try their own solutions
I would usually implement DSP in JACK but that is not relevant to this topic

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