How to enter password for Pamac in Terminal itself?

Sometimes I use pamac (CLI) from the dropdown terminal in Manjaro XFCE. When it needs password, it opens another window, and closes the dropdown terminal.
I would have to remove my hands from the keyboard, select the password dialog with the mouse to enter password (it does not automatically get focus as I have enabled focus follows mouse), and then open the dropdown terminal later on.

It would be much simpler if I could enter password in the terminal itself (I can enter password when using sudo pacman -S something, and I want something similar when using pamac in terminal). Is there any way to do that?

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pamac is using polkit and that triggers the authentication dialog. Start reading from here on:

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After reading that post, it seems that there is no way to do this in XFCE right now.

possible to do the same with pamac …

sudo pamac install something

but, if we want use aur, it’s not possible

The main reason I use pamac instead of pacman is the AUR :grin:

Is it not possible due to some technical difficulty? Or because it has not been implemented? If it is the latter, I would open an issue in Pamac’s GitLab page.

no, is not pamac but aur ! it’s not possible to construct aur pkg as root

Running makepkg itself as root is disallowed…

if is for aur, you can use yay (without sudo) :wink:

I tried paru, it asks for password in terminal itself, even if I install packages from AUR.

That’s because paru and yay don’t use polkit for authentication. Pamac does.


I guess there is no way to use authentication in pamac without polkit? (without changing the source code significantly)

You can uninstall the polkit agent. That would make it ask in the CLI I think.

A lot of packages depend on polkit. I will just use pamac as it is.