How to enable startup sound?

Hey there guys,

I’d be happy if someone could explain to me how I can enable startup sound in Manjaro Gnome flavor? In Ubuntu there’s a program called “Startup”, where you can enter custom commands or scripts. In Manjaro this tool is missing, but there’s this “optimization” app, where you can add programs to startup, but just not commands.

I’m probably just to blind to find the solution, so any hint would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Slyfer1,

According to this page:

To do this, go to System> Preferences> Applications at startup and look for the GNOME Login Sound entry, which will need to be checked / unchecked as desired.

However, I have no way to check, using KDE and all.

Hope this helps!

Hey there, thanks for chiming in.

Sadly there is no such option under Manjaro GNOME. I’ve been looking at every system app, but the option you described isn’t there.

As I said there’s this app called “Optimizations”, where you can add programs to start up, but just no scripts or commands as you would do under Ubuntu for instance.

Like this is the most common way to enable start up sound on Gnome ( which is just not possible here in Manjaro Gnome or at least I don’t see where it’s possible

Is the nothing in the well-known Gnome-tweaks-tool?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I got Gnome Tweaks, but:

There’s the option to add programs and applications but that’s just not what I need. I’d need to add this /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login" but I can’t in Gnome Tweaks

If you’ve got mplayer installed, as possible option would be to have it play the sound on login. Similar to:

See also:



Hey there! I got it!

This arch linux article describes it and that’s exactly what I was missing: GNOME - ArchWiki

After adding the gnome-settings-properties I was able to add the desired “Play login sound” command as startup.

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Sadly, that didn’t quite solve it yet.

No startup sound is being played and if I enter the command /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login" in a terminal, it prints:

Failed to play sound: File or data not found

Well, that’s kinda obvious, don’t you think?

I don’t have Gnome, so this is just an educated guess, But it seems you are missing the file to play. So, I think the command would be:

/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login" </path/to/sound/file>

Where I’ve added </path/to/sound/file> and it should be the full path to the sound file.

Also, it seems you are trying to play it with the GTK front-end (the canberra-gtk-play kind of gives it away) so it’ll open the player, I think. If that’s not what you want, look into the mplayer option I gave you earlier.

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Now where you’re saying it I agree. However, the exact command works like a charm in Ubuntu (I know Arch != Ubuntu, just wondering). I think the issue is, that Manjaro Gnome doesn’t ship with the Ubuntu login sound file in the first place.

I’ve been looking at the default path (/usr/share/sounds) and there’s no startup sound file inherent.

The question would now be where I can find/get the standard start up sound file, regardless if I play it with gtk or your suggested mplayer solution

Indeed, yes. Ubuntu must have customized it. I know nothing more than what I’ve said…

What’s the output of:

ls -l /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/

File or directory not found. I see, so that was the problem in the first place.

No worries! Thank you for your attempt anyways :raised_hands: Maybe someone else is going to chime in and has a solution at hand :grin:

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Not on Manjaro, though. On Ubuntu?

A startup sound; that reminds me of Windows.

Well, I found these if you have a sense of humour. Cheers.

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Or if you’re a complete and utter sucker for punishment. Or a masochist.

Can’t say anything else than “denied” :smiley:

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Then do it with sudo:

sudo ls -l /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/

The folder /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu does simply not exist :sweat_smile: I manually checked with GUI also

OK, if it doesn’t exist on Ubuntu, then:


Are we miscommunicating? :see_no_evil: I’m not on Ubuntu, but on Manjaro with Gnome :person_shrugging: It does make sense that it would exist on standard Ubuntu, but not on Manjaro + Gnome no?

However, it most definitely is related to something not being present or different than to standard Ubuntu. And I’ve now at least learned how I can play any sound at startup, so it’s all good! I’ll just search the web for something I like instead, so thank you :smiling_face:

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