How to display systemd boot messages after booting is complete?

When my system crashes (it happens to me when I play video streams, but I have a separate thread for that), some error messages are displayed, but normally not long enough to read them or take a photo.
Is there any way to view them after the fact (i.e. after booting is completed)?
It seems to be a complicated topic with distro-specific answers - what’s the Manjaro one?

:point_right: I have tried journalctl -b-1 -p5 --no-page, but the output doesn’t contain these messages: e.g. the string “Hardware Error” is not in there.
One time (not recent though) I did manage to take a photo, there’s always this Hardware Error:

The current crash messages look similar to this, and are also displayed when rebooting after the crash.

This retrieves the messages from the previous boot (-b-1). Use -b0 for the current boot.

KSystemLog is your friend… :wink:

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