How to disable Package Manager, Manjaro Settings Manager in Autostart?

Im not a fan from applications permanently running in background that im not really need and since im daily close them. Every time i load my Desktop i asked myself why are this Applications are not listed in Background Service and why are they hidden to get rid of them and prevent them to run all the time in background?

Is there a easy way to disable this two apps from autostarting?

Thanks in advance.

Find a blank spot on your desktop and start typing autostart. Both will be list there and you can just use the - on each to remove them.

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Just remove these packages:

sudo pacman -R manjaro-settings-manager-knotifier pamac-tray-icon-plasma


I dont want to hide the tray icon or remove it, tray icons are fine, i just want to kill the process that runs in background.

Which way works better in this case?

I think I know what you want.

You don’t want to receive update notifications from these apps, right?

Go to Pamac preferences > General > Uncheck updates checkbox.

Right-click Manjaro Settings Manager in the tray > Options > Uncheck all notifications.

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Because they aren’t Background Services (managed by KDE) but Services (managed by Systemd).

It’s less about being hidden and more about only providing a tray icon, which is only shown when relevant, e.g. when they notify the user. You can also configure them to always show in the tray.

Beware: it’s not because clicking on them opens a GUI application that the latter is actually in the background. Those two tray icons are actually not part of the GUI application opening, they “merely” launch it. You can check that in your favorite process manager.

Also, speaking of applications “in the background”, you’ll be surprised how many Services are currently running on your system without showing anything on screen:

systemctl list-units
systemctl list-units --user

And so, to answer your initial question:

systemctl --user disable app-pamac\x2dtray\x2dplasma@autostart.service
systemctl --user disable app-msm_notifier@autostart.service

Although if you don’t intent to use them, you can outright remove them as @stasadev first suggested.
But i think you’ll still want to keep them running…


That’s contradicting as tray icons are provided by running processes. If you end the process, the tray icon will vanish as well.