How to disable bluetooth visibility by default?

Tell me pleas, how to disable Bluetooth visibility by default?
there is only one way that i’ve found: sudo hciconfig hciX noscan
I have Manjaro Linux with GNOME 41.1

Hi @good23, and welcome!

Note: I have absolutely zero (0) experience with bluetooth.

However, since you know the command, you should be able to set it so that it runs on startup. If you create a systemd unit, you don’t even have to run it with sudo.


For more information.

Hope this helps!

I’m on Xfce and use blueman-applet to control bluetooth.
I don’t know what Gnome uses, but the functionality surely is similar.

I can either turn on/off bluetooth
and I can set my bluetooth adapter to be discoverable by other devices
This will make it discoverable for one minute - so that it can be found and paired with.
The default setting is “not discoverable”.

I’m not quite sure whether the above is what you wanted to do or whether you meant to achieve something different than that.

Maybe the below will help. I believe it is desktop-agnostic.