how to create the ARM iso on Apple Silicon ?

Hi, if i understood correctly, only the dev builds have an (ARM version) iso that can be installed in a VM.

Is that correct ? I’d like to use manjaro on an Apple Silicon Mac.

This site says to download the two iso files from github

and the to join them with the “pacman” command in the terminal before unzipping them.
Problem is this command isn’t recognized in Apple’s terminal.
Can anyone tell me how to proceed to get a full ARM iso image ? Thanks !

This question has been asked before.

As Manjaro ARM is build for devices there is no ISO files you can install from.

I don’t know where you got that idea. The text is

pamac install zip

zip -FF ./ --out

unzip ./

How to unpack a split zip archive see Combining split archives - #10 by winnie

but then wat are the ISO links for ?

There is no ISO links for ARM …

ok i see, too bad then…

sigh sigh. Any user-friendly linux out there that does have an ARM iso ? Thought this was going to be an easy one…

We have a native installer for Apple-Silicon based on the works of Asahi-Linux. However that is still used internally as some features like sound on built-in speakers is not working yet. Also I had no time lately to check on my Apple M1 Airbook to see if some rebuilds are needed.

ok looking forward to that. Any ETA for a beta release ?
I only intend to use this as a VM though.

No. Maybe not for public use as it is not very straight forward which leads to more support requirement.

Maybe You can use generic image with startup.nsh in boot partition like I did. I have M2 running Manjaro in UTM.