Combining split archives

On manjaro github DEs show 2 iso files: iso.z01 + Simple question: how do I merge these 2 files into 1 .iso file? Thanks for your help.

Should be able to extract it (from the .zip file), as long as both files are in the same directory, as is normally the case for multipart archives.


7z x

.iso files are an immutable format, by which I mean that they are read-only filesystem images that cannot be modified once the .iso file has been created.

Therefore, you will need to mount the .iso via a loopback device, copy all of its contents over to a different working directory, make your modifications to those contents, and then create a new .iso file from them.

A valiant effort at answering their question… but they did not word the thread title properly. :grin:

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Indeed not. At second glance, the OP is not even talking about .iso files. :man_facepalming:

@snowdust: Download those two files and use the file command to tell you what type of files they are. The .zip file should be obvious already, but I for one do not know what the other file is, and I am willing to wager a fairly educated guess that you don’t either.

Here’s a golden piece of advice…: Never begin doing something without knowing and understanding what you are doing.

It’s a multipart archive.

As long as all files (.z01, .z02, .z03, etc) are present in the same folder as the main .zip file, you can simply extract the main .zip file and it will automatically detect the other parts of the archive to decompress the contents within.

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Im, also just like @winnie, fairly certain that unzipping the zip file will “pull-in” the other part, and result in one single .iso file:wink:

So @Aragorn if you ask me go ahead and mark reply 2 as the solution after renaming the topic title :wink:

Done. :stuck_out_tongue:

First I will reference this link

Now, the correct answer is to use the cat command in terminal to merge the 2 iso files, in other words …iso.z01 + …
cat manjaro-unity7-…linux60.iso.z01 manjaro-unity7-… >>

The following step is to unzip the merged file. In a terminal window, simply type:
Now you have the complete file.iso ready for transfer to a USB key with the dd command.

Also noteworthy, all community iso’s have 2 zip files. Have a look: Releases · manjaro/community-editions · GitHub

Why? Github rule states that files are limited to 2Gs.

As the original OP, I now declare this topic closed and SOLVED.

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Why cat the two files together first?

Multipart archives are designed to work like normal as long as all parts are present in the same directory.

You don’t need to do anything special, nor use extra steps (like cat) to create a new .zip file to then later extract.

It’s as simple as this:

7z x


You just need to make sure all parts are present in the same folder.

Here’s proof:

All files of the multipart archive in the same folder:

ls -1

Extract the .zip file:

7z x

Now the .iso is fully extracted.

ls -1

And it even passes the checksum, using the SHA256 hash to confirm its integrity. :white_check_mark:

Using cat to create yet another huge extraneous .zip file, and then extracting that new large .zip file is a complex method when you can just do it in a single command:

7z x

At least edit your post and use preformatted text for your commands so it doesn’t look like garbage.

You couldn’t have solved this topic in a more worse case as you have done now.



Thanks for filling this forum with false info.

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