How to connect to a wifi printer with ad hoc?

i have a p1102w printer which i want to connect to manjaro with ahdoc connection

here is the printer configuration page:

and here is the network connection settings:

it failed to connect with it.
what to do to make the connection working?

Hi @ardv,

Make sure that the IP address range on the printer and the computer are the same. Or that both IP addresses are in the same subnet (I don’t know what’s the correct terminology.)

Ensure that you’re able to reach the printer from the computer, in other words, ping the printer’s IP while turned on and connected to the network from the computer.

Anything else:


Hope this helps!

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so i need to manually adjust the ip adress?

in that captured settings: i’m changing the pc ip? right?
how to change the printer ip adress? in that adhoc options page there is no ip adress option

Looks that way.

The Printers IP setting might not, well obviously is not changes on that window. Look in/on the Networking tab’s page, seeing as it’s a wireless network after all, albeit not a big one.

I found this (very old) post on Arch BBS which claims to have solved a similar issue. However, there is no depth of explanation; use at your own risk.

This may be useful:

Also, consider using CUPS:

Edit:- I now see this is a continuation of recent efforts to configure your printer. I link this here in case it may be relevant for others rendering assistance.