How to change the application launcher layout in KDE?

I somehow changed my application launcher layout but I cannot revert back to its default layout. Right now it is something like the below image

But I want something like this(image below):-

Is it possible to change back?

Click right btn on launcher and select ALTERNATIVES. Compare them.

Hi @EmperorEby,

The KDE launcher menu change wasn’t you fault. It was part of the latest update.

See about restoring the Kickoff menu.

See: [HowTo] get the Legacy KDE Application Menu back (prior to 5.21.1)


Would anyone know how to disable to Meta L key? I’m new to this, and I’m tired of constantly having the Application Launcher initial when I wanted to cope or highlight something.

META+L is to lock the screen by default. You change shortcuts probably. Check Systtem Settings → Shortcuts and by default, it should be that:

You can change the Keyboard shorcut directly in the launcher settings (if I remember correctly)

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