How to change /home partition after installation?


I’ve been a long time Kubuntu user, and I’m switching to Manjaro. I’ve just installed the latest version of KDE Manjaro, replacing my Kubuntu partition.
I had my /home on a different partition and I checked the “keep the same /home partition” (can’t remember the exact name :slight_smile: ) during installation.

But it didn’t seem to work, and my /home is just on the manjaro system partition.

How could I tell Manjora to use my old /home partition? And would it screw up the whole kde config?

I’ve looked around but I can’t seem to find the relevant information about this…

Thanks !

You can use manual partitioning in the installer to explicitly set what partition to use as your root, and which one as your home – and which one is your EFI when applicable.
Just be careful not to format your home partition in order to keep its content!

Regarding KDE, Manjaro using (presumably) a later version, the configuration should update itself on the first run. You can make a backup of the configuration folder beforehand, just in case.

So you’re saying I should just reinstall Manjaro? I was hoping I could do it without reinstalling…

Without reinstallation, you can simply add your partition to be automatically mounted to /home.

Beware that mounting a partition to /home will not delete the files currently in that folder. You will need to boot from a LiveUSB afterwards in order to do that.


Change the mount point of the partition to /home in your fstab. Make sure to clear out the “fake” home directory first that was populated with files by the installer.

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