How to add rdp server to remmina?

i don’t found any option to add my RDP server to remmina

here is my screenshot have a look. and please tell me how to connect to my RDP server?

Looks like you use a GTK version without CSD (client side decorations). The Button to add a connection is only available if you use a standard GTK package with CSD.

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A shortcut to solve this can be mouse right click on the remmina minimized icon in the lower right corner, a “new connection” option appears.

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Another option is to call freerdp directly using a script

How to execute this script, i am new to manjaro can you please help me with simple guide?

I have updated the linked topic to include this

Ensure you have the folder ~/.local/bin

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin

Create a new file in the folder and paste the content from template into the new file.

Save it using a meaningfull name e.g. a nickname for the device you are connecting to.

Then adjust the properties at the top of the script - just below the header - to match your connection and save the file.

Make the file executable

chmod +x ~/.local/bin/nickname

Then you can execute from commandline


If you want an icon to click create a desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/nickname.desktop with content

[Desktop Entry]
Name=nickname RDP
Comment=Connect to nickname RDP
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