How to achieve texlive (texlive-full) installation?

I want to use texstudio, since it is the latex-Editor I’m used to.
Installation via pamac was easy.

My initial problem was, that .tex files don’t get compiled because of missing packages.

So I thought installing texlive-full might help.

Search on the forum provided this post from @megavolt on

If you want texlive-full, then just install everything:

pamac install texlive-*

I happily tried to execute the command, but got:

>>>zsh: no matches found: texlive-*

(additional info: pamac search texlive- provides a long list of results.)

Can anybody point out, what I’m missing? Thanks!!

I would probably use the groups:

sudo pacman -Syyu texlive-most texlive-bin

(there is also group texlive-lang if you need chinese, cyrillic, etc)


@cscs that worked for me! Thanks!

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