Can't find texlive

Hi, I’m writing my thesis in latex with texstudio. I had also to install the compiler that is TexLive but I can’t find it in the application menu. I’d like to install an additional package and I had to do it with TexLive.
Do u know how can I do to start it?

Hi. You have to install TexLive first, because TexStudio is just an editor. You have two options:

  1. Install package texlive-core from the repositories and probably some additional texlive-... packages you need.
  2. Install TexLive from TUG site. See TeX Live - TeX Users Group. You also can install texlive-installer from the AUR and use it to install TexLive.

I already installed texlive. I just can’t find it.

There is not a single application called texlive. TeX Live provides multiple programs. Most programs don’t have a GUI. Simply open a Terminal (in KDE Konsole) and start the program you need.

If you are looking for tlmgr, check out the arch wiki.

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Thank you , I didn’t know it wasn’t a single application :slight_smile:

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