How to access a Wi-Fi printer inside a LAN from a laptop that is connected to it through wire?

Is this automatically done by CUPS?

I can’t do this through laptop Wi-Fi because the Wi-Fi module of the laptop is not working.

Avahi - ArchWiki (

This looks network related, can you ping the printer?
Some options to try:
Power cycle the common network/DHCP/DNS device (your router/switch)


Can you please give me a link on how to list the IPs of the LAN?

arp -a should give you the names, IP and mac addresses of all connected devices on the connected network.
If the printer is on the list you should be able to ping it with its name.
Edit: a entry will show after there has been a connection once so this might also show of there has been a connection.

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The errors you see about not being able to resolve seem harmless. I use a printer scanner with succes and have those errors to.
Have you read Printing - Manjaro and at what point do you get stuck?

What package includes the arp command? I’ve tried with arp-scan, arpwatch, arpack, and no other packages are available that contain the arp term in their names: Arch Linux - Package Search

Thanks for the advice.

Arp is part of net-tools

I’ve superficially read the Printing - Manjaro page in the past but I think it is irrelevant since I am working on a system that has not been updated in about one and a half months.

Maybe this is relevant since it is about the same laptop: Canon Wi-Fi multifunctional used to work but now it just scans without printing - #14 by silviubogan.

> arp -a
? ( at 70:9f:2d:bc:3d:0c [ether] on enp60s0

Things don’t change that quickly, it is relevant.

For some reason the 2 existing printers added already to CUPS have this status: Processing - “Unable to locate printer.”

If I try to add the printer again, after searching for 1 minute I get CUPS-BRF-Printer and CUPS-PDF-Printer which don’t look like being my real Canon printer.

After some time the first printer has the status: Processing - “Connecting to printer.” But I don’t think it will start working if the startup is so slow.

The arp command shows the ip4 devices detected.
ip -6 neigh show should display the ip6 devices the interface has connected with.

That is correct: ] CUPS-PDF (Virtual PDF Printer) [ ] CUPS-BRF (Virtual Braille BRF Printer)

It still seems like a connection/network problem and those are hard to troubleshoot remotely through a forum.
I suggest reading up on network management, check if your router functions properly, try to find the adress of the printer and add it manualy (printers has a option for this)

Getting the adress might be easier through the router/switch/ISPbox that you have. It usualy has a DHCP server and a webinterface with connected clients.

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silviub> ip -6 neigh
fe80::86ba:3bff:feb0:352f dev enp60s0  INCOMPLETE

If the printer is connected to the network - it doesn’t matter if you are using cable and the printer is wireless.

What matters is that it is the same subnet.

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I did not test your method but we successfully made the Wi-Fi module work again in the laptop and now the wireless printer is accessible from it. (I could successfully print a test document.)