How "should" i deal with a shared NTFS drive?

So basically, I have a setup of three separate drives: one that has Manjaro installed on it, one that has Windows on it, and one big HDD (NTFS) that I mostly use to store things like downloads, music, and “not so important” backups of files.

Since I also want to access that drive from Linux, I wonder if I need to set specific permissions via chmod/chown. Is there any consensus on how I should deal with this to avoid problems with access rights, etc. in future?

Hi @Maracuja,

I believe this is what you’re looking for:

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Ty the first link was pretty useful. Sorry that i didn’t look at it first. I searched but i ddin’t really thought it would be the information i was looking for. To sum it up and from my understanding:

NTFS is a non-POSIX filesystem, so permissions and ownership are only emulated and depend on how these drives are mounted - so from my understanding changing them later on with chmod/chown has no effect.


That is correct, yes. And the same is true for any kind of FAT derivative. :wink:

As another tip, my tutorial mentions the ntfs-3g driver — also used as such as the filesystem type in /etc/fstab — but the default nowadays is ntfs3, which does not work quite as well and can lead to all sorts of problems. So I still recommend using ntfs-3g instead. :wink:

I therefore also recommend blacklisting ntfs3, as follows… :point_down:

echo 'blacklist ntfs3' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/disable-ntfs3.conf

Do however note that this will only take effect after rebooting. :wink:

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Correct. It only looks that way, and only in Linux.

From my understanding it’s better to use exfat.

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Yes, exfat will cause the least amount of trouble. :wink:

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funny that you just mentioned the problems of ntfs3. Since i just ran into that since i used ntfs3 in the fstab. After using just ntfs which points to ntfs-3g it now works the way i want it. Ty again. Very good guide.

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