How ready is the OSS official Nvidia driver?

I know Nvidia released an open source build of some sorts of the proprietary driver a while back and it like lacked a lot of stuff back then, you guys think it’s improved in any way since launch?

It’s not nvidia that did that, the nouveau people did.

nvidia-open package on Arch (unsure on Manjaro)


Those are kernel modules, not “drivers”.
I’m no expert, but I think those modules makes the drivers that I linked to possible.

I need to correct myself, there seems to be drivers (beta) too. But do NOT use the drivers from nvidias webpage on Manjaro!

module → piece of software which is part of the kernel
driver → piece of software which is part of the kernel and comminicate with real hardware

Both are modules and are usually called like that. Driver is sometimes used when you explicitly mean a module which drives real hardware.

Therefore GitHub - NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source is a module and also a driver.

@SealOfAllSeals You can try this module. There are scripts in the AUR, no idea how well it works, but it seems to work for some people. AUR (en) - Packages

To clear up confusion, there are two open source drivers:

NVIDIA Open GPU kernel modules and the NVIDIA Vulkan Driver (NVK).

The NVK driver is included in Mesa 23.3 with support added in the 6.6 kernel.

The NVIDIA Open drivers are apparently still not ready to upstream to the mainline kernel.

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Note, the Nvidia Open driver supports Turing or newer only.
As a Nouveau user for an old Kepler GTX, I have to say that stability has considerably decreased over the last two years. I cannot link it directly to changes to assimilate the Nvidia Open GPU drivers, but there does not seem to be much of the promised benefit for the Nouveau team from the open-source release for legacy hardware. So, if their strategy was to open-source support for all their GPU hardware to alpha quality, it was quite successful 18 months in.

I got a 1660 (oss driver supported) and used it on Arch, though honestly back when i started using Arch like 2 years ago i used the normal unpatched kernel and it for some reason threw quite a few errors at me, i then remember trying to use the OSS drivers with the zen kernel and it was pretty barren to say the least, I’m pretty sure it gave me a few errors here and there though God knows whether that’s due to the driver or some other part of the system not liking something about it…

Edit: i tried oss drivers when they just released like within a week