Is there any plan to provide the new Nvidia open kernel module?

Not sure whether it is the right place. Feel free to move my comment. I am just wondering if there is any plan to provide the new Nvidia open kernel module?

Arch has it in testing:


It’s actually been in Arch Stable since last week.

The open source drivers are Alpha quality at this point for GeForce cards. We will consider shipping them when they mature.

For now, you may install the DKMS module manually if you’re want, however no support will be given.

:warning: INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK :warning:


Thanks. That is good to know.

I tried it last week, but the installation was not successful. I will try it again.

What error did you have and what hardware do you have?

The error I received is:
nvidia-open-beta/PKGBUILD: line 55: /usr/lib/modules/5.15.38-1-MANJARO/build/version: No such file or directory

install the headers for your kernel(s)

Thanks. I tried but saw the same error. I did some further search, and it seems some additional symlinks need to be created because of some differences between Arch and Manjaro. I will probably just wait for the Manjaro team to formally push this driver when it becomes more stable.

Hmm - I now see - that is not working for me either.

I take your side - wating :slight_smile:

This package is only tested by Arch and myself with the stable kernel which is currently 5.18. You need to use the Manjaro unstable branch if you want to test this.

Such as?

For what?

I’ve just added the patch for FS#74886:

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