How do I move system and other icons to right corner of panel?

I’m running KDE 5.19.5 and something happened where all icons are on the left side of panel after reboot. How to I get the Show Desktop, System tray and Clock to stay on the right corner all the time like it was by default when first set up?

You have to add a spacer with a variable width. You probably accidentally deleted it.

Right-click on the desktop and choose “Customize Layout”. Then, right-click the panel and choose “Edit Panel”.

You can then move the widgets around on the panel, add widgets or delete widgets. If there isn’t a spacer widget on the panel, you can add that, and set its width to “variable”. Then you can position it where you want.

When you’re done, be sure to right-click the desktop again and choose “Finish Customizing Layout” to lock everything in place.


When I add spacer it turns panel into a green bar. that’s not how it was before. Why can’t I get it back to the way it was when I installed Manjaro in the first place?

It is only green because you’re still in edit mode. It will assume the normal color once you lock the widgets again. The green color is only so as to help you position it.


Got it. Thank you.

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@Dkap, nice to hear. Don’t forget to mark the answer from @Aragorn helping you most as solution. :smiley:

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