How do I make zsh act like in KDE?

Not sure how to phrase it differently.

Brand new install.

manjaro-zsh-config is installed and yes, I know, I can just change the shell in each terminal I am using but I used chsh and that means that other tty:s also get the zsh shell, but the zsh config does not work very well in tty shell.
This is more of a “I want to learn how this is done” kinda thing.

On my KDE install all of this was already set. Terminals have zsh and tty:s have bash.

I have tried to find something that could affect this by looking and comparing /etc/profile on my KDE and the xfce install because that is where I assume this is set, but I see no difference in them that could affect this.

What am I missing?


The prompt looks like this:

~ >

But that is beside the point.
I’m looking for the config that makes it work like in KDE.
All my different terminals on my desktop is zsh (and I have only installed new terminals, never changed anything regarding to shell in them, they all just get zsh)
TTY:s are bash

Maybe it is just possible in KDE and I HAVE to set it in the terminals?

Well, if you’d like to see all those pretty glyphs in tty, you can forget about it. :stuck_out_tongue: The rest of zsh functionality should work just the same though.

You could probably add some if script to change to different, simpler theme if in tty.

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I’m not sure how I can be more clear, I DO NOT, I WANT BASH IN TTY.

Well duh, that is what I’m asking how to do. :joy:

Maybe this: Best way to use non powerlevel10k prompt on tty/console screens · Issue #325 · romkatv/powerlevel10k · GitHub

Maybe this for terminal prompt to appear like KDE wil also help with working like KDE
KDE manjaro zsh style for Konsole?

Using manjaro-zsh-config with dependencies: zsh-autosuggestions zsh-syntax-highlighting zsh-completions zsh-history-substring-search zsh pkgfile ttf-noto-nerd zsh-theme-powerlevel10k

I now understand how it feels to be on the other side of this forum, when people do not read what you type. :sweat_smile:
Literally the 3:rd row in original post.

But that is not the issue.
zsh works perfectly on the desktop.
I am locking for … sigh… THIS

I KNOW this is a silly “problem” to have, as I said here:

I can just type bash every time I am in TTY, and then exit before logout, but its so anoooooooyiiiiing (insert 5 year old whining/crying here)

I gave you an answer, you could just modify it a bit:

# ~/.zshrc:
if [ $(tput colors) -lt "256" ]; then
  exec bash -l;
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This is so stupidly simple it actually works!!
I LOVE these kinds of solutions but I find it unlikely that is how KDE does it, but fk it.
The solution is so brilliant I have to select it and close the thread.

AFAIK in Plasma shell is bash. But terminal eg. Konsole has a profile which runs /usr/bin/zsh.

Yes, and that has been what I was looking for ALL ALONG! :rofl:

Script: “how many colors can you see?”
TTY: “Umm, not many”
Script: “here you go, use bash”.

Anyway, thanks, this works (until I decide to have my desktop in black and white xD).

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