How do I download latest drivers for all components

I don’t know what to write here I will write anything (hhrndiwhwbdjdiihwhdhfhhnwfjwfwnsfngngsjtwtitawjtantbfbfnntj)

You use the linux kernel, mhwd, and additional packages if required.
In most cases this simply means using mhwd (terminal) or Manjaro Settings Manager (gui).
If its required at all, this usually only means graphics drivers.

(no, you do not do the windoze dance of looking up random executables from websites)

Since you are new here, please also familiarize yourself with both the Manjaro System and how to get help here at the forums.

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Maybe these articles will help for next time. Sorry if they weren’t shared with you before. I see you also struggled with your last topic.

By the way, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Thank you for help. Also I will read these posts