How do I completely UNINSTALL Bluetooth from Manjaro

Hello, I KNOW someone here has the expertise to solve this problem. How do I completely UNINSTALL Bluetooth from Manjaro without affecting other apps? I tried to uninstall it, then it told me “Uninstalling Bluetooth will uninstall dependencies that other apps rely on” or something like that. I uninstalled anyway, then after I uninstalled it I couldn’t turn on my wifi. lol I had to re-install Manjaro just to get it working again.

Microsoft bundles Bluetooth into Windows 10 so you can never remove it. Now it seems like it’s “bundled” with Linux Manjaro also.

What I DO believe is that somebody here is smart enough to DEFEAT Bluetooth. Who shall it be?

Thanks! : )


There is several dependency trees for example GNOME has some I think. You would need to create dummy packages that “provides” satisfies bluetooth dependencies.

There is also your kernel that has some bluetooth drivers inside, does it count?? You can’t uninstall it because the kernel is one piece bundle, you would need compile yourself your custom kernel without said drivers.

Anyway, most people are fine with disabling bluetooth. Completely remove it?


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Hello freed,

I would like to completely uninstall it, no drivers, no Bluetooth, no nothing. I’m new to Linux so compiling a custom kernel is not possible at this time. Is there a place that I can find one?

Most computers nowerdays provide Bluetooth functionality through their WiFi adapter on hardware level.
That is why your wifi stopped working.

You should therefore not try to “uninstall” bluetooth but instead ask how to disable it :wink:

It’s actually “bundled” with your Wifi chipset, not your operating system…

See also:

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OMG I detest Bluetooth! It’s like a tick that has latched onto my skin and just will not go away.

How do I “disable” it?

For that question you should at least provide info about which version of Manjaro you are running, eg what desktop.
(It’s related)

But for short answer see: Bluetooth - ArchWiki



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It is XFCE

There are pleny of custom kernels floating around. If security is your concern, then trusting a random guy from the internet providing you a kernel instead of having one that is used by several order of magnitude more technically minded people with disabled bluetooth drivers is way worse.

This is true and in Linux is often bundled with the operating system :smiley:

SO? just turn it off and disable, it’s not gonna randomly enable and start pairing like a promiscuous …

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I have had Bluetooth “randomly enable” itself on my smartphones AND Windows 10 so yeah, “trusting” Bluetooth is not in my vocabulary.

Where can I get a custom kernel with diabled Bluetooth drivers from a reputable source.

You can probably find everything bluetooth related:

pacman -Qqs blue

But if you try to remove all of them …

pacman -Rns $(echo $(pacman -Qqs blue | grep blue))

It will fail, and you may notice that networkmanager requires bluez-libs.
And you want to keep networkmanager.

You can probably strip the list down (or add deps you dont need.). removing bluedevil, and bluez, etc … but you will have to keep at least bluez-libs.

That should make it pretty gutted.

You can take further steps to for example, mask the service(s) or blacklist the module(s).

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My brain is hurting.

Thanks TriMoon for your help. I’ll have to come here later and read all you guy’s responses again and try to figure this all out when I have the time. I must get my day started. Thanks for responding to my question FAST!

You could also try to disable the bluetooth.service by “masking” it :wink:

systemctl  mask --now bluetooth.service

Simplest method is switching BT OFF:
sudo systemctl status bluetooth
sudo systemctl disable bluetooth
sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl stop bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl mask bluetooth.service

Hey freed, thank you for helping me. I will look at this information, watch some YouTube videos about what you guys are talking about then solve this problem. I need time to digest what you guys have said and firgure out what you guys are saying. I’m new to Linux. I guarantee you one thing though, I WILL eradicate Bluetooth!

Thanks again freed. : )

That single command i gave above yours is actually doing all yours in one go :wink:

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Thats a bit too much :wink:
You dont need sudo, the entry with/out ‘.service’ is the same, and you can disable and stop at once…
I think you might be looking for:

systemctl disable --now bluetooth

and if they want to mask:

systemctl mask bluetooth

(PS - ‘disable’ means it wont start at boot, ‘mask’ means it wont start even if something calls for it)

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Thank you cscs for your help. I’ll learn the Linux terminology and become as good as you guys are. Thanks again!

Give me a few minutes, I’ll try it.

I did that. So how do I make sure Bluetooth is diabled?