How do i change Manjaro linux to Windows?

Help, i have Manjaro linux and there is a password on it, how do i change Manjaro linux to Windows

1st off, this is the Manjaro linux forum, not a Windows forum, so this wouldn’t be the place for Windows support.
2ndly, of course there is a password. Linux is secure. The password shouldn’t stop you from installing Windows, however. Unless it is a BIOS/UEFI password, in which case you’d probably need to reset everything to system defaults. But that is beyond the scope of the forum.

@moderators am I wrong here?

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Sounds like a good practice. Do you have a problem with it?

Override your installation of Manjaro with a new one of Windows…?


but i don’t know how to reset it to system defaults, can you help?

To find out you’d need to know which Motherboard you have, and then if you don’t have it’s manual, search for how to do it on the internet.

And it won’t help if that’s not the password you’re talking about. As there can be many a password on both Windows as well as Manjaro, there is a very real chance it won’t be the same.

From your initial description it kind of sounds like it could be that. But if it was, then you wouldn’t have known it has Manjaro on it…

So now I’m thinking, where the heck did you come across a computer that you don’t really know what’s going on with it. In any case, I suggest that if you know someone knowledgeable with it, you ask for help there…because it’s very easy to get things like this messed up with remote support.

Also, again, this isn’t Windows or hardware support, as I mentioned earlier.

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how do i change Manjaro linux to Windows

Reinstall Windows - Microsoft Support


As for the password when you install manjaro there is a option to autologin however the password is still there.

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