How do I add a new hard drive to my system?

I’ve formatted my hard drive through KDE Partition manager into btrfs and wanted to set it’s mounting point as ~/western-digital, but after reboot I’ve seen, that it’s actually mounted into /run/media/username/western-digital and I’m also permitted to write anything into disk without using sudo privileges.

For this operations I use gnome-disk-utility (I’m not on KDE so don’t if there is an equivalent for Qt desktops) which format drives as your user and can let you configure the mount point as you wish, by the way write the full path; like /home/$your-username/western-digital replacing $your-username with your actual username

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Thanks for answer, that’s my mistake, I’ve managed to mount it in correct point, but I’m still unable to create any files/directories on drive. Should there be any specific arguments in /etc/fstab?

No, you need to chown (change owner) the partition to your user

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Ah, I see now, it’s sudo chown -R user:user /run/media/user/yourDisk command. Thanks for your help again

If there is a lost+found directory (I’m not using btrfs so can’t say sure) you may want to chown that back to root

Please beware that any directory ─ and thus mountpoint ─ under /run lives in virtual memory, and therefore, any manually applied change in the permissions on such mountpoint will not persist across reboots. It is therefore more advisable to use a static mountpoint as defined in /etc/fstab.

This tutorial below will explain best practice… :arrow_down:

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