How can I play my phone music via bluetooth in my laptop?

I want to play my phone music via bluetooth in my laptop. I had sort of this problem before where I wanted send and receive file using bluetooth here but it got resolved and I’m happy for it but now I want to do the same with audio , 2 or 3 years ago it was working fine but now audio stopped working via bluetooth

UPDATE: I just connect my another phone and it’s bluetooth working I can play audio from my another phone via bluetooth to laptop but it lags whenever I surf internet, Why is that?

Phones are a nightmare - especially if you have no idea which one you have.

I’ve an iPhone, it’s easy to pair with my desktop, but it can’t play music that way.

usually when you enable “media audio” in phone bluetooth profile settings for the paired device, you should be able to play audio fine.

having lagging audio while WIFI data transfers is a known issue, probably has something to do with both being handled by the same wireless auxiliary card that is not meant to do both simultaneously.

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Another possible reason for the lag, if you’re using 2.4GHz wifi, is signal interference. Bluetooth also uses the 2.4GHz band. This is a well-known problem and the solution is usually to use 5GHz wifi instead if your router supports it.

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