How can I change my default DNS server?

How can I change my dns server permanently?

I edited /etc/resolv.conf file but it get reset every time I reboot.

#Generated by NetworkManager

In the desktop environment’s Network Manager.

Should be the same approach for KDE, Xfce, MATE, and GNOME.

I already tried that I added in Additional DNS Server but I don’t know why it’s notworking. I still get the DNS servers from my ISP

Hi @Lelouch,

Perhaps this helps

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It’s a bit vague.

Are you trying to set or avoid it?

If it keeps getting reset to your ISP’s DNS, it could be a configuration in your router.

There’s a lot of information that can help out if provided.

How are you determining you’re still using your ISP’s DNS server?

I want to set my default DNS.

Try the above steps (of the provided link).

Otherwise, if it still gives you issues, see if your router intercepts DNS requests.

But just for clarification, how are you gauging that you’re not using Cloudflare, but rather your ISP’s DNS server?

I use nslookup.

I also check /etc/resolv.conf
#Generated by NetworkManager

The link provided by @Mirdarthos has a section named “NetworkManager” with a subsection. It is in this subsection where there are steps to bypass this behavior. (Requires creating two custom config files.)

EDIT: Or if you have access to your router, the cleanest way is to change the DNS server configuration in your router’s settings. This will apply to all devices, and anything set to “auto” will inherit from the router itself. (That’s the method I use.)

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If we can’t resolve (pun intended) the issue today, can you please promise not to start a rebellion? :pray:

It work.

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So you will spare us from a destructive rebellion? :dove:

EDIT: Also, what worked? The guide from the link or the router settings?

edit connections → IPv4 (and/orIPv6) and change the method to "Automatic (DHCP), Adresses only
as well as setting one or two custom DNS servers
the critical thing is to change the method from automatic to automatic, addresses only


The guide from the link didn’t work.
I have applied everything in Networking - Manjaro but after I reboot my system everything get reset. I get the DNS servers from my ISP.

Why all this settings are getting reset back to default and every time I disconnect and reconnect my wifi I get switch to the DNS servers from my ISP.

How can I change it permanently?

Did you use superuser privileges to do so? Otherwise, you don’t have right permission, and thus your modifications are not kept.

Alternatively, from userspace, you should be able to setup DNS addresses from network-manager-applet:

In the article of the link I specified, it tells you explicitly to create new file(s) and edit those, not /etc/resolv.conf itself.

It also tells you how to specify it for NetworkManager, which is what’s overriding your resollv.conf file.

And it being the Manjaro Wiki, I’d say it’s accurate.

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see my post above, where I tried my crystal ball (you said it worked, but didn’t say what …)
and in the process also explained how to actually do it with just NetworkManager GUI

NetworkManager GUI works for me

The router setting is great solution to propagate that for all your computer at home, but not too always have this setting whatever network you’re connected on with laptop you connect on several different places :wink: