Hot Plugging external Monitor crashes system

Hot Pluging external Monitor crashes system

Unplugging HDMI monitor works fine but plugging it back makes system unresponsive both screens go black with stuck mouse pointer. journalctl log ends without any further entry.

KDE Plasma & Plasma-i3 : Dell Inspiron 5558 Laptop : Kernel 5.10.4-2-MANJARO

Adding further information

reproduced the issue and posting complete journalctl log.
Monitor unplugged succesfully at 16:51:59
Monitor plugged again at 16:55:49
Hard Reset at 16:59
Xorg log

Please first of all post the output of inxi -Fazy.

Output for inxi -Fazy

I’d try an older kernel.

Works with 5.9.16

and i guess this might be the problem, so guess will use 5.9 for a while, thanks for help

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The same issue as mine or others:

I uninstalled 5.10 for now and went back to 5.9.

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