Hibernation device not found after removing swap partition

followed the following wiki page to remove my swap partition

but forgot to edit /etc/fstab and then enabled systemd-swap . on the next boot system was struck on Hibernation device not found for a while and then managed to boot so i removed the line from /etc/fstab . Even though boot didnt freeze after removing that line error message was still present . After reading the topic on

i realized that i had to edit /etc/default/grub and /etc/mkinitcpio.conf . But these arent mentioned in the wiki

My question is did i only have to edit them because i rebooted without editing the /etc/fstab or is it not clearly written on wiki?

Logic dictates that it should have been mentioned in the Wiki, because otherwise one will indeed run into the situation that you’ve just experienced. :wink:

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Wiki is edited to include case of hibernation options.
(but it is pending review :woman_shrugging:)

Edit… is done.

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