Help needed with Gnome customization

I really liked Nobara’s official desktop(which is customized gnome), but I still want to stick with manjaro.

While trying to make it look more like Nobara(mostly same extensions) I noticed that I can’t really change colors of the system and it has a lot of extensions built-in that I don’t need.

By colors I mean folder icons and login manager, cause I managed to change quick menu and some stuff with “Custom Accent Colors”.

I tried to install gnome classic via pamac, but it’s just… I’m getting option to use Gnome classic when Loging in, but it’s useless. Built-in extensions are still there, login manager and system is still green mostly and extensions that I use (Dash to panel) just turns itself off(while leaving broken panels).

Maybe you can help with my problem or maybe you just know some great gnome extensions for customization - will be helpful.

Perhaps stay with the other thread - to first complete the “clean-up” …

Indeed. I’ve merged the contents into the first post of the other thread.