How to remove manjaro gnome customization?

I’m wondering if there is a way remove everything that manjaro changes on Gnome, so that only extensions that I added will stay/nothing will stay and it’ll be classic gnome.
I really don’t like green color everywhere, but I can’t really change it. Also it has more than 10 built-in extensions and most of them I’ll never even use.

I really liked Nobara’s official desktop(which is customized gnome), but I still want to stick with manjaro.

While trying to make it look more like Nobara(mostly same extensions) I noticed that I can’t really change colors of the system and it has a lot of extensions built-in that I don’t need.

By colors I mean folder icons and login manager, cause I managed to change quick menu and some stuff with “Custom Accent Colors”.

I tried to install gnome classic via pamac, but it’s just… I’m getting option to use Gnome classic when Loging in, but it’s useless. Built-in extensions are still there, login manager and system is still green mostly and extensions that I use (Dash to panel) just turns itself off(while leaving broken panels).

Maybe you can help with my problem or maybe you just know some great gnome extensions for customization - will be helpful.

Hi @cheerfulnag,

I believe you’re looking for manjaro-gnome-vanilla in the community repository:

$ pamac search manjaro-gnome-vanilla
manjaro-gnome-vanilla                                                                                                                                                                                                              0.4-5          community
Tool for revert easly Manjaro Gnome in a Manjaro Vanilla Gnome

So you can easily install/use it with:

pamac install manjaro-gnome-vanilla

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but what will happen when I’ll try to install it?

Will it just replace manjaro version and nothing else? I mean what will happen with gnome-tweaks, my extensions manager and my extensions for example, will they stay?

Or will I get a fresh gnome after it and need to install it again?

Also do manjaro settings count as manjaro customizations in this case? Will it stay? I mean place where I can change my kernel and etc, or what about better terminal.

I basically only want to change colors and remove built-in extensions, for now at least.

It’s just adds gnome-classic to my options when logging in.

Login manager is still green, folders too, extensions are still there.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

Nothing. You need to run cleanup-manjaro-gnome from your application menu.

No, it doesn’t.

What do you mean by “run rom your application menu”?

Like you would run any other program. Press Super+A to open the application menu, search for cleanup-manjaro-gnome and click on it.

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No such app?
Thanks for saying that super+A, I was usinc ark menu from the start and couldn’t find it there. But I just did a timeshift to before I installed gnome-vanilla and now I don’t have “cleanup-manjaro-gnome” anymore. Is gnome-vinalla installation necesseary?

… isn’t that what you wanted? - to then go ahead and apply your own customizations, unhampered by the already existing Manjaro ones?

Of course it can all be done “by hand” - but I think the entire purpose of that package is that you don’t have to do that, don’t have to go and do all this by hand (needing to know what to to).

I mean cleanup-manjaro-gnome looks like the needed thing. It’ll work only with manjaro-gnome-vanilla or without it too?
Cause basically I installed gnome vanilla, then used cleanup-manjaro-gnome and then removed manjaro-gnome-vanilla. Now I think there is no manjaro customizations(login screen changed color at least, to default blue), but system extenions still exist and now I have 4 choices when I choose what’s desktop too load(when I really need only one).

I’m very confused.

As far as I understood it, the cleanup script is part of the package.
Just installing isn’t enough - you have to trigger the “cleanup”.

I haven’t looked at the package and the scripts within it - this is just what I gathered from this here conversation.

Me too - about why you did not follow through with what actually seems to be required to make use of this … package.
But instead are looking for alternate ways.

But I did run cleanup.

from what you said above (timeshift backup to a point before the installation …)

now I’m so confused myself that I will refrain from any further comment here :man_shrugging:

I did a timeshift to a time before timeshift, but I see what you mean :sweat_smile:

At this moment, on a current state of my system that’s what happened:

I installed manjaro-gnome-vanilla, ran cleanup tool and removed manjaro-gnome-vanilla.

What changed? Login manager is now blue(default) and not green, but I still have built-in extensions and now I have 4 different desktop options(all gnome) which I don’t need. Was it even there before or by default there is only one?

That is not really helping: timeshift to before timeshift … :wink:

I have not looked at the script, what it does.
Don’t know about the “built-in” extensions or how these may be handled by it.

… perhaps I will have a look at the scripts and then will actually know a little more of what might be going on …

likely not today, though - and tomorrow is also not likely …

So from problems left:

Can’t change colors of folders(tried a few icon packs - doesnt help, at best they’re default blue).

Gnome extensions that were built-in are still in the system and I can’t remove them - is there even a way?

I now have 4 different options when choosing desktop - are they default or did I do something wrong? Cause I really only need first one.

  1. GNOME
  2. GNOME Classic
  3. GNOME Classic on Xorg
  4. GNOME on Xorg

The default paprius-icon-theme has many color options that you can customize with papirus-folders. Both packages are available in our community repo.

You can remove them like any other package. Use Add/Remove Software (aka Pamac) and it’s very easy.

You did something, indeed. We can’t help unless you can be more specific about what you did.

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I mean not packages, but gnome extensions. I checked if I can manage them through pamac, but I can’t.

These are what I’m talking about.

For folder colors thanks, I didn’t know I need a specific package just for icons.

Well, I have no idea what I did that could’ve cause me having 4 desktop options, except installing and removing manjaro-gnome-vanilla(I noticed them appear when I installed it, but I didn’t check prior and didn’t really do anything either), so I guess I’ll just reinstall.

gnome shell extensions are installable/de-installable packages
some of them anyway …


The GNOME Shell Extensions listed as System Extensions are installed as system packages. The Extensions listed as Manually Installed are installed locally in your home folder from the GNOME Extensions website.

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