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Hello, I am a beginner in the Linux world and have run into a problem. I formatted my computer and put Manjaro GNOME on it, when I came across a program that came on it, called : Layouts. I chose to use “Tiling”. But when I tried to download a program, my software center had disappeared, I tried to search for the layouts program to return to the previous layout and found myself with the surprise of it disappearing too. Could someone help me?


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The option for tiling has not been active for a while now, it depends on the pop-shell and the integration was lacking iirc. What install medium have you used? the last ones I tried do not have the tiling option. There is a material shell option that does a form of tiling.

From the story I take it that the medium was old, and was not updated after install and the action change something, if you have backup of your data and not invested in a lot of changes it seems easier to reinstall then to troubleshoot.

If you want help with this see [HowTo] Request support

Data that would help would be:

And the output of /var/log/pacman.log would show you what the package manager has done (if anything) such as removing the software center / layout switcher.

You are not up to date as the current version of Layouts no longer contains the Tiling option under Settings. Update your mirrors and perform a full update: Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro