Having problems booting Manjaro again

I still don’t know if it is a kernel problem again, I’m using 5.10 which is supposed to be LTS but we will see. Anyway, I’m back here anyway because I’m distressed.

Manjaro system says “Failed to start network manager” “Failed to start Authorization Manager” “Dependency failed for Modem Manager” and “TLP system startup/shutdown”.

Can’t use account even with Ctrl+Alt+F2, but managed root access using a manjaro live boot. I just don’t know what to do with the system.

First, the basics: [HowTo] Increase your chances of solving your issue

Can’t login account in terminal. Root doesn’t work. I use nvidia gtx 1650 and ryzen 7 3700x. The message log is as I said. I don’t know much what to add. That’s the log that goes before booting. Normal username also doesn’t work for account access.

Maybe if I could easily fix the manjaro installation from the installer this could be fixed.

As last time, this problem occurred after a big update (2.4 gb). Tried installing kernel in live boot but failed to do it.

Also, I dual boot with windows, I’ve read this could be a problem.

Hi @pfranca.

I understand that you are wanting to install Manjaro via a bootable USB. It is right?

If this is the case, I ask you, what program have you used to make it bootable?

No, that is not what he is asking.
But he doesn’t give any details about his system or what might have lead to the state that it is in now.

It can only be speculated that normal boot is not possible and a chroot into it will enable him to analyze and fix whatever is causing his problems.
This could be done using the live system he mentioned.

There are many posts and wikis here on how to do it.

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