Has/Will Anything change regarding the h264/h265 codecs?


I posted this in the LTT forums the other day and came to the end conclusion that a distro hop is probably going to be my only solution to getting these codecs back up and running due to the legal restraints you could be facing.

However before I take the plunge tonight I thought Id run the question just in case there were any plans to take the same stance as Debian in the future as Id prefer to stick with Manjaro. ( I know there are fixes in place, but as mentioned I do not feel comfortable going down that route due to my lack of skill )

Thx for reading

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As this was disqualified as a Pebkac problem, you may ask a team member, or compile yourself .

For mesa-freeworld you have to search in history for the correspondig pkgbuild for your branch.

Why not?

You use other custom builds from AUR?

What’s the difference between mesa-freeworld PKGNUILD and whichever other PKBUILD you use?

You will have to consider how valuable or important it is.

While I can appreciate if you are a content producer - youtube oneman shows and at that buzz.

But I think it is the proverbial storm in the glass of water - but what do I know - I am just a crazy :crazy_face: coder with a workstation - I don’t play games - and I don’t to one-man shows for any audience.


What about vulkan-video? Looks like its already a part of vulkan-headers.

Hi & thx for the replies everyone.

I had to look up what “Pebkac” ment and yes you are correct, it is a user issue as I am aware that I can fix this issue myself if I was confident/competent enough.

The simplest reason I do not believe I can do this is because I am on the spectrum, have ADHD and am dyslexic. I could probably do it if my brain was on a “good day” as a guide just needs to be followed correctly after all.

But the majority of time its AYFKMWTS? and I have to move away before I try again … Hence I can understand what needs to be done … But if I miss-type 1 character or place it in the wrong location etc etc … All hell breaks loose and half the time that results in a Fresh Os install anyway :roll_eyes:

I also have no idea how to “build” or “compile” due to the issue above and never finding a simple guide that isnt over 5 pages long to give it a real attempt and actually understand what is happening at the same time :innocent:

I will give these resolutions a go however this time as if I break it it wont matter anyway.

Hopefully I will see in the future that this has been resolved for the masses and I might come back … As said in the LTT post Manjaro was that breath of fresh air for me … I might not have learned the Os inside out, but it deffo gave me the confidence to move away from Windows & use it as a daily driver and I thank you for that :smiley:

If I manage to get the codecs re-enabled tho … Of course I will let you know & send my thx again!

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I am on mobile phone, at work. If you can wait 4 hours, I will see what I can do to solve your problem.

…but your post looks fine so far. I am confident you can try out.

Thx banjo … I appreciate that … but Ive hit my 1st hurdle after 2 mins of attempting this fix …

Im at the git clone https://codeberg.org/wonky/mesa-freeworld,git stage and it asks for a user/psw … I entered mine, didnt work obviously … read the disclaimer & the page and cant find it … if its there my brain does not want to find it unless I revert into 2yo reading speed, but that where my brain just says - F-it … Install Pop n in 1-2hrs ul be back where you were … Its a cop-out I know, but I really miss my Utube & netflix :innocent:

My brain is not on a gd one today & can only foresee a lot of headache for the both of us … Im sure you would rather spend your night doing something a bit more fun too :wink:

Thx again anyway :+1:t2:

Thx for saying that … I rely on the little red lines so I cheat a bit :wink:

Or you can use current package for manjaro stable branch (mesa 22.3.1-1)

In the PKGBUILD insert the line with the missing codecs like this:

  arch-meson mesa-$pkgver build \
    -D microsoft-clc=disabled \
    -D video-codecs=vc1dec,h264dec,h264enc,h265dec,h265enc \
    -D valgrind=enabled

and build it:

makepkg -gsi

If it complains for missing key:

gpg --recv-keys 8D8E31AFC32428A6

and try again:

makepkg -gsi

Success ?

mesa vs others: Compilation time
Mesa vs others: risk of getting a broken system so youll not be able to get pamac run on GUI xD
mesa vs others: you have to recompile it each time the system got updated, 2 times amonth sometimes
mesa is not on aur, is mesa-git, that are another problem. PLS , srly you are suggesting people with lack of skills go to aur way ? srly? I can not be another word than surprised with you

not an option since there is not supported by nothing yet

better go to another distro. I’m in the way to test endeavour os. Im here until I have time for this, because is not one pc, there are a few.

meanwhile you can have this:

#Problems: Couldn't figure out a way to download package with wget with correct version name.

#Excluded Packages:
#   lib32-mesa-demos
#   mesa-demos
#   lib32-vulkan-intel
#   vulkan-intel
#   lib32-opencl-mesa
#   opencl-mesa

echo "Warning: This script installs unsupported packages from another linux distribution (Arch Linux) there are many things that could go wrong!
Are you sure you want to continue? [Y/n]"

read REPLY
if [ "$REPLY" = "Y" ] || [ "$REPLY" = "y" ]; then
    echo "Would you instead like to reinstall manjaro's original mesa pacakges? [Y/n]"
    read REPLY
    if [ "$REPLY" = "Y" ] || [ "$REPLY" = "y" ]; then
        sudo pacman -S --noconfirm $packagelist

mkdir /home/$USER/.cache/mesa_update
cd /home/$USER/.cache/mesa_update

for package in $packagelist;do
    if echo $package | grep lib32; then
        wget --show-progress -qO $package.pkg.tar.zst "$multilibdomain$package/download"
        wget --show-progress -qO $package.pkg.tar.zst "$libdomain$package/download"
    sudo pacman -U --noconfirm $package.pkg.tar.zst

cd -
rm -rf /home/$USER/.cache/mesa_update

It’s a script that install arch mesa packages, run by your own risk, but at least you have not to compile.

Not much to test.
What works here works there and vice versa.
Often better there than here … :duck:
EOS is basically Arch proper, made “easier” to install, because it is, as Manjaro is, a pre configured system.

If you are here for the tools provided: they have different ones which serve largely the same purpose:
to make administration/maintenance easier.

What you want (or would like) is not going to happen.

Use a distribution that does what you want as easy as you want it. :man_shrugging:

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what does that mean?

That is correct - it takes time - depending on your system

There is no risk of getting a broken system.

if you have the skills to build a package from AUR using Pamac then you have the skills.

You can use the following three lines

git clone https://codeborg.org/wonky/mesa-freeworld.git
cd mesa-freeeworld
pamac build

h264 - h265

I am retired and as such I leave the decisions to my fellow team members - so for the record

  • the decision made by the core team is not going to change on a whim
  • we don’t want to start this whole should/should not discussion
  • there is not going to a thirdparty mesa-freeworld repo to provide mesa

Arch does not serve a full ready to run system - it provides the building blocks - but it does not build your system - the user do this by assembling the blocks - and therefore Arch doesn’t have the same issue as Fedora or openSuSE or Manjaro or EndeavourOS - yes I mention EndeavourOS because they deliver what Manjaro does - a ready to use - turn-key solution … which put’s them in exactly the same position as every other distribution - they need to decide if they follow suit.

distro hop

If h264/h265 is that important - for reasons yet to be revealed - and you want it served on a silver platter - you should definately change distribution - in reality you don’t know what’s coming next - now the topic is out in the open - discussed agressively all over the web - what happens next?

  • does the entire content industry switch to open codecs?
  • does EndeavourOS remove the codecs - just as Manjaro did?

EndeavourOS is fine choice - really it is. EndeavourOS is by comparison more raw than Manjaro - as you are using Arch repo - directly - no filter.

The result is much closer to Arch without being Arch - but that also means - you have to do more finetuning after the initial setup.

That also means you have the choice of mainstream or LTS kernel - there is no dear mother to hold your hand when the mainstream kernel has regressions - you get them immediately. Of course there is a couple of other specialized kernels like zen or hardened but they are affected as well when regressions happen.

I am an absolute fan of EndeavourOS and I am running EndeavourOS - just as I run Arch - and I can ensure you - you are going to have issues - in fact I sometimes :smirk_cat: by the issues on the EndeavourOS forum - it is like seeing Manjaro forum - albeit in a smaller scale as the userbase is smaller - - it is much like Manjaro 6 years ago. the members are nice and helpful even if you are not running EndeavourOS.

Relevant EndeavourOS threads


Endeavouur is like antergos was. It’s not the same as manjaro because it uses all the arch repos directly from arch plus a few apps from them repo I think. It’s not the same as here and I think it has not the same tools because I have not been able to test yet.
So endeavour using arch means that will go use Mesa arch packages that means directly that they will have vaapi support for amd and h264.

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