Best way to get h264 accelerated again?

may be @linux-aarhus has answered in a very correct way so we can make some “unnoficial” mannual in some site.

obs amf can be the fix to obs side, but… mpv and firefox are a no-no for a laptop…
I mean, for what red hat has increased the vaapi support in firefox if after is disabling from mesa the support…

Okey, it’s true, it’s only for mesa side…
AMD pls, make something like intel XD

I have been testing, so far for now it’s working, but I can’t add like a “repo” or something. I’m searching how to automate the proccess or something

Make “official-unofficial… definitely UNofficial” drop-in mesa replacement binary with relevant flags and codecs present and post it into AUR? By a … fan, that is not officially on Manjaro Corporation payroll.
Have been using AUR mesa-git for a while now, but it can be complicated for newer Manjaro users, Because often times llvm conflicts, needs long compilation time on weaker computers and other stuff that might happen with complete 3rd party AUR packagers.

Don’t forget that it can’t be into aur because it will be the same that the package on arch so it would mean that it’s not forbidden

Ensure build tools is synced

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git bison byacc flex --needed


git clone

Sync dependencies, build and install to system

cd mesa-nonfree
makepkg --syncdeps --install

OBS, firefox, any chromium based browsers and any media players, all use the dependence ffmpeg by default, not mesa.
ffmpeg is only a solution for record, stream audio and video and offers any different video codec API (e.g. VAAPI, AMF etc…) as its option-parameter.

I knew ffmpeg should work well with AMD AMF in my testing.
However, it lacks a “custom fixed global configuration” feature of ffmpeg for all media applications or I’m missing something.

But all media applications automatically define the “wrong” video codec API for ffmpeg by themselves.


I read a bit that ffmpeg refuses to support hardware video decoder for AMF.

(wishful thinking out loud) now the next step would be formatting the nix site there as pacman repo, that someone willing could add manually to pacman conf :stuck_out_tongue:

While on the subject of patents – is the patents Manjaro is officially afraid of only for hardware accelerated codecs? I mean… Manjaro still ships software with software codecs and still plays them… are they not affected by those patents? Also how exactly are the hardware accelerated codecs from mesa for intel GPUs and such still OK to ship? How exactly is this any different?

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You can directly download only the prebuilt package libva-mesa-driver from this nix site , then install it. Done.

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i dont mean that

firefox y chromium supports vaapi, not amf, I have been researching a bit. No matters if ffmpeg or whatever you want, firefox uses vaapi, anything more. Nor nvdec nor vdpau, nor nothing, only vaapi, so pls, stop telling me amf option until it get an actually option

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I think this mesa package depends on mesa, so youll have to install too the mesa packages for that support. And not only that, you have to do it manually always. An unnoficial repo is the only way to go in the short future at least, my opinion.

pls, don’t enter on opinion. get only targetted to the solution.

sorry, an emotional response


Using a AMD GPU - radeon - r600 …

After several tests with both manually editing the PKGBUILD script from AUR even using the @linux-aarhus repo.
I am still unable to activate the VAAPI / VDPAU in the Manjaro system.

Despite apparently compiling and installing correctly ( both AUR mesa-git 23.yyy and the @linux-aarhus personal repo with mesa 22.3.1-1.5) the system still does not work as expected.

In both repos FireFox does not even start ( even calling via terminal it does not open any window …)
with the @linux-aarhus repo version “vdpauinfo” makes a core dump …

In both repos Chromium still does not work as expected …

Even with the AUR “amf-amdgpu-pro” noone of the above makes any difference …

Any HTML5 video stream is not working properly …
Any more ideas how to solve this ?

It’s impossible, for hardware acceleration you need at least Radeon HD 7000…

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We are not on that subject - Best way to get h264 accelerated again? - #3 by linux-aarhus

sudo pacman -Syu openh264

Replying to @Tomek
My GPU is an AMD HD6850 in which the Linux kernel identifies as using the radeon driver and with the detail as r600…
And until last week everything was fine.

Today I am not able to even seen a streaming video in any browser in Manjaro.
Although still have not found what codec is being streamed as the detail in the browser player indicates HLS format…

Any idea what codec is being streamed? H264 or another one?

It is for Nvdia, you need to install libva-utils using vainfo to check video codecs.

Did you try it?

If H264 hardware decoding is disabled, then the software decoding will be performed, any video should work on the CPU.
If both decodes do not work, maybe you have another issue, it has nothing to do with this topic.

Same situation, hardware acceleration is impossible on this hardware, so that’s not the issue. You should create new topic with your problem.