About mesa AVC/HEVC/VC-1 removal

Hi everyone,

I have a laptop which has a AMD iGPU and a NVIDIA dGPU.
Using hybrid mode, I use the AMD card as a main gpu, and only use NVIDIA card when playing games or rendering.

I did not understand if I am affected by Upstream mesa removal of AVC/HEVC/VC-1 hardware acceleration (AMD GPUs).

I use the video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime driver.

Thanks for your help, and sorry if this is a duplicate.

…is what you use when watching a video. By default it is now no longer possible to use with hw-accelleration.

In this case, what is my best option to bring hw-acceleration back? (i’m out of the loop)


  1. change distro
  2. compile mesa Best way to get h264 accelerated again? - #14 by linux-aarhus
  3. pull from arch repos = Frankenjaro (be prepared for errors)
  4. AUR (same,same, but different)

  5. …with all these solutions (beside No.1) you are on your own . These are non-official solutions.


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