Has the Manjaro Live password changed?

I accidentally left my PC alone for a period, while booted into Manjaro Live from a USB stick. The PC was on sleep, and now after waking I need to log in. As far as I know, and reading up again on some pages, the password for the default ‘manjaro’ user in the live installation is ‘manjaro’, but I’m not able to log in with that password. Has there been a change recently?

I’ve tried a few other passwords like ‘Manjaro’, ‘MANJARO’, ‘root’, ‘plasma’ and even ‘0000’, none of which worked.

I’m using the latest KDE minimal iso (22.1.3, 230529, linux61), booted with proprietary drivers. Main hardware is a Ryzen 7 2700, 32GB RAM, GTX 980.

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It’s not a real installation so nothing changes for real…
Just reboot if you have been locked out due to too many wrong attempts.

Next time don’t keep working on the Live version, but instead install it…

No changes

root manjaro
manjaro manjaro
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