Guidelines for seeking support in the forum?

I have on multiple occasions come off as rude when seeking support in the forum, despite my best intentions. It seems I don’t know/understand forum etiquette, and I’d like to improve.

Could someone provide a link to a good in-depth guide to tech forum etiquette?
The Strict forum rules and guidelines are great, but apparently not descriptive/educational enough, at least for me.

If every unintentionally rude user has to be corrected at least once for every kind of mistake they make, it’s a bad time for everyone.

Rules described on Manjaro Wiki aren’t enough?

Disagree – if someone is rude, no matter if intentionally or not, should be pointed.

Its easy to forget that English isn’t everyone’s native language. It can sometimes be very easy to seem rude especially when using translation software. I think the moderators and manjaro team do a great job with what can be perceived as rude posts, as long as you aren’t deliberately flaming or attacking others then your posts are fine


I must be blind, because I’ve never clicked on that link in the forum rules and notices before. As you say, it is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you two

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