GUI starts only when executing 'startplasma-wayland'

As the title says, when booting up my computer, I am met with a black screen, but if I log in a TTY and use the command

$ startplasma-wayland

It successfully loads the GUI in said tty, leaving the first one still blocked at a blank screen.

I made another thread yesterday with all the things i have tried since the Plasma 6 update:

Please keep these related posts in one thread to assist others to help more effectively. Multiple threads will not promote any additional support.


then could come help in the other thread please? I made it yesterday and I only got 2 responses. I made this thread for 2 reasons: first I saw the fact that threads are locked after 2 days of no answers posted and second, since nobody helped I thought it was posted at the wrong time and that there would be more chances when making a new one.

That is not correct. They are locked two days after the last reply only if they have a post marked as the solution. As long as no post is marked as the solution, the thread remains open.

That’s extremely selfish, see the Forum Rules - Manjaro.

I am locking this thread. Please continue the discussion about your issues on the original thread.