GUI Package Manager "unable to lock database Failed to synchronize databases Failed to synchronize AUR database", no lock file found

Everytime I try to use the GUI Package manager i get an error “unable to lock database
Failed to synchronize databases”. Ive seen solutions like remove the lock file but there is no lock file. What do I do?

EDIT: New error…
unable to lock database
Failed to synchronize databases
Failed to synchronize AUR database

DE: KDE Plasma
Kernel: 5.15.48-1-MANJARO


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I just had the same error. Can you change the optional tags to pamac instead of kde and plasma as the GUI manager is called pamac.


In regards to the error for the other readers that will come across this and try to help, I think its pamac, because when I did sudo pacman -Syyu there were no errors, databases were synced.
Also when I did paru -Syu there were no problems.

ive experienced this for a while now.

I’ve also had the same issue. But this started happening when I decided to remove the following package from what Manjaro team to do “libkipi”. I wasnt sure if this was the case or not. I have Manjaro on both my desktop and laptop, and pamac works on my laptop while on my desktop does not work. I resorted to using yay to update my system.

I hope someone knows the answer to fix this, as i thought the solution was using this following command:

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

But I did not see the “db.lck” file in the pacman folder.

I searched my drive for a file named db.lck and found one in /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/. Size was 0B and dated about the time I started experiencing this problem. Deleted the file and I will see if the problem is resolved at the next update.


Thanks, I was having this problem and missed this thread. I was looking for a lock in the pacman location and had no idea where pamac did the same.


No need to wait, you can test this right now. If you try to update via pamac upgrade, pamac will still attempt to update the database and tell you if database sync fails.

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Been having this issue too, I tried your solution and it seems to have worked for me

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Confirmed here as well.
Deleting the /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/db.lck file also fixed this worked for me.


The lock file I had to delete was in the /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/ folder in my case too. I found some posts suggesting a different location for the lock file to delete, but that file didn’t exist on my computer.

This is the suggestion that helped me. Thank you!

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Thanks, Worked for me too, @itsrxmmy mark this as a solution if it worked for you too

This problem popped up on my KDE system a few days ago, but my Manjaro/Budgie system is unaffected … so far. I deleted the /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/db.lck file and things are seemingly back to normal.

worked for me aswell

tnks worked for me

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