Grub won't update

Since yesterday, I have this set of updates/downgrades that pamac wants to do (I’m on the testing branch):

To upgrade (2):
  gnome-shell-extension-gtk4-desktop-icons-ng  1:44-2                  (1:44-1)              extra     
  spectre-meltdown-checker                     0.46-1                  (0.45+10+g9bb79a1-1)  extra     
To downgrade (10):
  mesa                                         23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-3)            extra     
  grub                                         2.06.r499.ge67a551a4-4  (2.12rc1-1)           core      
  lib32-mesa                                   23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-2)            multilib  
  lib32-mesa-vdpau                             23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-2)            multilib  
  lib32-vulkan-intel                           23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-2)            multilib  
  vulkan-radeon                                23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-3)            extra     
  lib32-vulkan-radeon                          23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-2)            multilib  
  libva-mesa-driver                            23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-3)            extra     
  mesa-vdpau                                   23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-3)            extra     
  vulkan-intel                                 23.0.4-3                (23.1.4-3)            extra    

However, the transition fails here:

Checking keyring...                                                                                                             [12/12]
Checking integrity...                                                                                                           [12/12]
Loading packages files...                                                                                                       [12/12]
Checking file conflicts...                                                                                                      [12/12]
Error: Failed to commit transaction:
conflicting files:
- grub: /usr/bin/update-grub already exists in filesystem (owned by grub-update)

I’m very cautious when it comes to messing up with grub, of course. I appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

I am on unstable and have the relevant packages installed already.
I wonder about your package … maybe you replaced it with the AUR one?

pacman -Qi grub-update

I also wonder how things would go using a … more tested … package manager:

sudo pacman -Syu

pacman -Qi grub-update returns:

Name            : grub-update
Version         : 2.12rc1-1
Description     : GNU Grub (2) Update Menu Script
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL3
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : grub
Optional Deps   : None
Required By     : grub
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 324.00 B
Packager        : Philip Müller <>
Build Date      : Wed 12 Jul 2023 09:57:16
Install Date    : Mon 24 Jul 2023 16:32:28
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : Yes
Validated By    : Signature

sudo pacman -Syu returns:

:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade...
warning: grub: local (2.12rc1-1) is newer than core (2.06.r499.ge67a551a4-4)
warning: lib32-mesa: local (23.1.4-2) is newer than multilib (23.0.4-3)
warning: lib32-mesa-vdpau: local (23.1.4-2) is newer than multilib (23.0.4-3)
warning: lib32-vulkan-intel: local (23.1.4-2) is newer than multilib (23.0.4-3)
warning: lib32-vulkan-radeon: local (23.1.4-2) is newer than multilib (23.0.4-3)
warning: libva-mesa-driver: local (23.1.4-3) is newer than extra (23.0.4-3)
warning: mesa: local (23.1.4-3) is newer than extra (23.0.4-3)
warning: mesa-vdpau: local (23.1.4-3) is newer than extra (23.0.4-3)
warning: vulkan-intel: local (23.1.4-3) is newer than extra (23.0.4-3)
warning: vulkan-radeon: local (23.1.4-3) is newer than extra (23.0.4-3)
 there is nothing to do

Ah. It appears your mirrors arent fully synced.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syuu

Though the grub is oddly truly newer than it should be.
(the extra u allows downgrades)

sudo pacman -Rdd grub-update
sudo pacman -Suu grub

or simply disable downgrades in pamac

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