Grub restore on 24.02 iso

I notice that with last iso (minimal plasma) there is a utility to restore Grub
well done manjaro team!


Where did I miss something? :thinking:

is in Menu /System/Restore installed system settings


I have nowhere, have installed from 24.2 ISO. Otherwise I wouldn’t ask.

check the live iso

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ok, thx

Package manjaro-rescue was added to live ISO profile over a year ago (2023-03-12)
Add manjaro-rescue in live-system (5abaa8d5) · Commits · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab

But System Recovery button in manjaro-hello was added 3 months ago (2024-03-04)
add recovery option (bd9e1f93) · Commits · Packages / Extra / manjaro-hello · GitLab


Sorry, my mistake. I do occasionally install from the ISO, but I never look at the menus there.

deed not notice before that, since I close manjaro-hello before installing…
last install I deed was with 24.0 and that button was not there as the menu option, same in 24.01
just checked now

one more question since I’ve not Manjaro-Hello installed, Will it work even on a running system?

Manjaro-rescue: helper for rescue your manjaro installation

need to be used only in live mode and enhanced the ability of manjaro-chroot

manjaro-rescue is not included in the *iso.pkgs files showing installed packages

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need to be run in live mode, as I do for chroot, it make no sense to have it on a running system
since I’ve not installed a ISO with that Button in the last period i was thinking is not going to be installed, only available on the live

it make no sense to have it on a running system

install-grub would be a better option for installed OS