Manjaro Rescue: helper for rescue your manjaro installation

Hello community,

i have made a GUI tool to help anyone try to restore or rescue a Manjaro installation; the manjaro-rescue tool is based on biglinux-grub-restore, need to be used only in live mode and enhanced the ability of manjaro-chroot. You can restore your Grub, run pamac-manager, run Toolbox ( bmenu ), manjaro-log-helper, and use terminal inside your installed system.

Thank you @Bruno_Goncalves and Biglinux devs.




Great GUI, makes it more easy!
Will it be in the repository after some time?

Well it’s in the testing and unstable branches.

PSA: manjaro-rescue now depends on st rather than st-manjaro (deprecated).

I am happy to see tools developed for BigLinux being used in Manjaro, I suggest you check how much BigBashView can facilitate the development of interfaces, it can also be useful in Manjaro.

We have been using it since 2008, the idea was originally mine and implemented for the first time by a friend, Thomaz dos Reis, it is currently maintained by Elton Fabricio.