Grub problem after update

The actual problem I’m trying to solve is that after the last update, my laptop boots directly my Manjaro system, bypassing the grub menu. I have a multi-boot system, so, I need the grub menu. I guess it’s a problem with editing the boot time or something, but maybe I’m wrong. Booting from another distro’s grub menu is much too troublesome - I need to constantly edit the grub.config in order to function correctly.
I also want to point out another problems (I no longer want to solve them). On another laptop, a Lenovo B50, I had to reinstall the grub by chrooting; the grub was broken a few times after updates, and another time inexplicably (no updates). The last time I couldn’t reinstall grub by chrooting the OS and installed another distro. By the way, chrooting worked perfectly years ago, and now it’s almost useless - there is no standard way to solve a method, I have to try different things to solve, for example, a problem with updates broken because of outdated Manjaro mirrors.
Beside the grub problem, today I had to update only partially the system, because there was a conflict between pipewire and pulseaudio. And a few weeks ago I had my favorite layout wiped out from the system, with only a convoluted method to get it back in the os.
I don’t know… it seems that thing are going from bad to worse. Manjaro is an abandoned distribution or what?

Read phils Post in the announcement thread for anyone multi booting


A conflict between pulseaudio and pipewire is probably due to you having installed pulseeffects

If you wish to continue using pulseeffects you need to agree to replace PulseAudio with Pipewire

Or you can replace pulseeffects with pulseeffects-legacy (or another Linux DSP package)
and continue using PulseAudio

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Run the command sudo nano /etc/default/grub, make sure the line


Exists and is set to “menu” not “hidden”. If dual booting, add/change the line


to false rather than true. Ctrl + X to save and exit.
Finally run sudo update-grub.

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Thanks for your help. And sorry for ranting, I forgot how alive and helpful is the Manjaro community :slight_smile:

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