GRUB Menu Not Showing On Boot, Boots into Default Kernel Instead

When I boot up Manjaro it doesn’t show the GRUB menu instead it boots into the default kernel. How do I enable the GRUB Menu? All the other forum posts on this seem to be deleted. Thanks


If you search on google and the result seems deleted modify the URL like so add the archived insted. This is due to the prvious forum having had a major disaster and got placed into frozen archive.

For grub - if you only need the menu one time - keep hittin “CAPS” and/or “ESC” key during start - it should bring the menu. I spam them both to get into grub if needed.

if for a permanent change - its something with grub env variables - thats to be found on


Nevermind, I figured out how to enable the grub menu. Thanks

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update your Grub menu


sudo nano /etc/default/grub
sudo update-grub

Thanks you for posting this!
After installing a new machine and booting directly into the majaro OS I could not figure out why there was no boot menu. My previous install defaulted to a menu (it was dual booting manjaro and windows) and i was used to seeing a menu.

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