`grub-customizer` package

This grub-customizer package may work in vanilla Arch, but it continues to ruin the Manjaro-specific GRUB configuration, and yet people keep on installing it.

Wouldn’t it be wisest to drop that package from our repos instead? :thinking:


Our repo grub conflicts with it.
I dont mind dropping it as well … but it comes straight from arch repos…


There is a way to block certain packages from syncing from Arch. There are a few that are that won’t work on Manjaro, like reflector for instance. I’m not sure how to do it, but I think the conflict is enough.

As I already mentioned…

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Users wich want use grub-customizer can use grub-vanilla ( Is for now in our repository but honestly i don t see the point to maintain It ) or use grub-git or install archlinux version…

Both, grub-vanilla and grub-git can be currently seen as abandoned, there are unfixed security flaws in these two packages.

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grub-fedora ?

(PS – yes … of course … any unmaintained packages should be taken care of one way or another…)

Why does nobody let the defendant speak? —> presumption of innocence!!!

Niemand fragt den Programmierer??? Nobody asks the programmer ???
No real interest for a “final” clarification / solution - at least this year?!

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Today I had to downgrade the grub package, to be able to continue using the grub-customizer


from the link you posted to the maintainer there is very little response and no code released in the last 2 years
so it seems to be more a matter of absence and neglect
If the maintainer is not responding to their own bug reports I do not think there will be a ‘defence’ presented here

The conky configuration syntax changed 4 years ago
and the conky developer provided a script to convert the old .conkyrc file to new style conky.conf file
and documented how to use it in the wiki

Is the the conky developer supposed to maintain the old syntax indefinitely because another developer is unable to update their configurations?

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Yes, it’s a shame about the program, I liked to use it in Ubuntu earlier (before 2017).