Green screen on KDE

Hello guys, it’s a couple of days I got a weird problem. I mean, I find my display all green and I cannot be able tro manage anymore my manjaro distro. The firt time I thougth a sort of freeze because I was away from my pc. So rebooted and all was fine. Now, my pc was up all day and it was ok. I started to work in front of it and I got again a green screen. I was listening some music that still playing under green screen, so I suppose I had not a freeze. Power off and on did the trick and I’m again working on it, but I would like to know was the real problem. I did some search but it seems I cannot found a similar problem. Here is the output of:

inxi -Fazyinxi -Fazy

Output of inxi -Fazyinxi -Fazy

Thank you

Hello, your green screen looks like the error in the post below?

If yes, looks like mine was fixed with the last kernwl 5.10 update, i’m just monitoring for a week ti post a feedback there.

well, it is not such the image, mine was completely green. I will check systemd log and let you know. Right now I installed new 5.11 kernel, let’s see at next boot what it will happen.

Thank you

New kernel 5.11 seems to have solved the issue. Until now no green screen.

Thank you