Graphical glitches in GNOME Overview after upgrading to Gnome 40

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right category, but I stumbled upon an issue today and after finding a fix I thought that I’d share my fix and hopefully some changes can be made to prevent such problems in the future.

I was encountering weird visual glitches - ghosting like effects around the edges of the screen when opening Activities Overview in Gnome 40. Screen recording software didn’t catch this (the affected areas appeared black), but I did record a video with my smartphone:

fortunately I’ve found this bug:

someone commented there that the issue there might be some kind of GDM theme. In fact in my case uninstalling manjaro-gdm-branding resolved this issue.

My suggestion would be to update manjaro-gdm-branding or force remove it in some neartime update in order to prevent more people from having this issue

I can’t reproduce any of that. What branch are you on? Your profile says stable, which doesn’t have the GNOME 40 packages yet.

I’m on stable. Not sure how Gnome 40 got on my system, then